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HDCVI/IP Camera Systems

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CCTV Camera Systems provide a multitude of security advantages, and are regarded as being amongst the most effective of security measures. It's basic human nature ... people behave better when they know they are being watched. At KrySys, we offer a wide variety of CCTV Cameras and Digital/Network Video Recorders, and our CCTV solutions are guaranteed to have an effective impact on strategic security implementation. We offer both analog and digital CCTV solutions, ranging from entry-level camera systems consisting of just 4 cameras, to advanced networked camera systems with wireless configuration, and even solar-self-sustainability, that may consist of thousands of cameras. High resolution imagery of up to 20Mp, coupled with technologically advanced Infra-Red night-vision capability of up to 200m, as well as a very many other nifty usages, all of this working towards security superiority ... At KrySys, what you see is what you get ... And what you see, is crystal clear ...

Control Room Solutions

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When the need to keep a close eye on things extends beyond your average application, KrySys has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get to see the bigger picture. From guard- house control rooms for residential or industrial complexes, to network monitored solutions for shopping malls, entertainment parks, sports stadiums, traffic hubs and even small towns,

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