When it’s time to choose the right Security System/Digital Solution provider for your home or business needs, you can count on KrySys for excellence. We guarantee you receive only the best, industry leading technology and professional service,  all at at competitive market related prices. Call now for a world class solution, tailored to suit your needs.


Intruder Detection Equipment

Safe ... Sure ... Secure ...

Alarm Systems and Equipment are amongst the most important aspects of any security system, providing real-time threat detection and notification. It is important to know the requirements for securing an area before determining the best approach, and a professional on-site assessment by one of our specialized technicians will mean that all recognizable risk factors are eliminated. Options for both "hard-wired" and "wireless" systems are available, depending on structural limitations and preference, as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor detection equipment. Systems can be designed to include integrated monitoring and control capabilities, allowing for reporting to, and control from your smartphone anywhere in the world. Speak to one of our experts today let us find the best way to keep you, your family, and your business safe.

Video Surveillance Equipment

Never Away ... Always On.

Closed Circuit Video Surveillance Systems provide unparalleled strategic advantages as far as security is concerned, and with the technological advancements in the field of digital imagery taking place today, the picture couldn't be clearer. Whether its to keep an eye on whats going on at home, or for extensive control-room monitoring operations, KrySys Security Solutions can offer you just what you're "looking" for ... We provide indoor and outdoor monitoring solutions to suit all environments and needs, and offer network monitoring solutions for personal, corporate, or industrial purposes. Products include HDCVI/IP Camera Systems, PTZ Camera Solutions, Control Room Solutions, Network Cabinets, Storage Racks etc. Call us today and one of our experts will help you get a better view of your world ...    

Security Camera
Garage Doors

Access Control Systems

"HALT! Who goes there?"

Access Control and Automation Systems allow for a secure way to allow access to your property by authorized persons only, keeping everybody who shouldn't be allowed in ... out. For offices with a large number of employees or high daily traffic volumes, it is greatly advantageous to be able to monitor and control the entry/exit data and capture or address it accordingly. An access control system can be as simple as a keypad interface used to unlock a door or gate, or a key-card operated system allowing access by various parties to numerous isolated areas ie. Office buildings and complexes, Residential complexes, Apartment/Campus buildings, Parking Structures, Valuable Asset Operations(Banks, Gambling vendors etc.). Our products include Integrated Access Control Solutions(Bio-metric/Key-card/Keypad Interface/Proximity Tag/Time-Stamp), Gate/Complex Intercom Systems, Public Address Systems, Digital Locking Systems, Access Automation Systems. Speak to us about your access control needs today and let our experts open new doors for you.



"Securing Your World"

KrySys Security Solutions is an industry leading Supplier and Installer of various security related equipment, providing individuals and companies with access to effective and professional services. We at KrySys pride ourselves on our being able to provide world-class solutions to suit all needs and budgets, and our continuous investment in industry-related research allows us to offer a unique competitive edge in an unrelenting market. Learn all about KrySys Security Solutions and what we offer by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

Our Services Include:

Alarm Systems and Equipment

CCTV Camera Systems and Equipment

Intercom Systems

Digital Access Control Systems

Gate/Garage Automation

Security Gates and Trellis

Burglar Proofing Solutions

Security Fencing Solutions


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